As all string players know, finding the right bow is a crucial step in bringing out the full potential of a fine stringed instrument. Responsiveness, tonal complexity, and power are all enhanced when an instrument and bow are well matched. Our product specialists have many decades of experience working with instruments and bows of every level, and are well suited to advise you on your search for a suitable bow. And, our convenient approval process makes it easy to compare multiple bows until you find the perfect match.

Carbon Fiber Bows


With the increasing scarcity and export restrictions placed on pernambuco wood, carbon fiber bows occupy an important position in the string world. Well made carbon fiber bows are strong and exceedingly well balanced. Many teachers prefer them in beginning outfits on  account of their reliability and superior playing characteristics over inexpensive wood bows.  Furthermore, the best quality carbon fiber bows can approximate the sound and response of a fine pernambuco bow at a fraction of the cost, making them an attractive choice for both students and professionals.

Pernambuco Bows



Since the early part of the 19th century pernambuco from Brazil has been recognized as the only acceptable wood for crafting a fine quality bow. Pernambuco bows are strong, resilient, and responsive, and they allow an adept player to perform with great sensitivity and artistry. Most players will agree that the tonal qualities of a good pernambuco bow can not be matched by any other bow materials.