Educational Strings


William Harris Lee & Company is well known throughout the country for our commitment to string education. This commitment is seen not only in the enthusiastic support we give to teachers and teacher organizations, but also in the decisions we make in the production of our Educational Strings instruments – decisions that ensure that each and every instrument gives years of trouble-free performance.

Artisan Collection


William Harris Lee & Co. maintains a wide ranging inventory of carefully sourced hand crafted instruments, many of which have been finished by our Chicago luthiers to bring their performance to a level that rivals our Chicago-made instruments. Our violin-making expertise combined with the close, personal relationships that we have developed with string workshops throughout the world ensures that everyone who shops with William Harris Lee & Co. can find both a great instrument and a great value.

Workshop Instruments


For nearly forty years, the  master luthiers of William Harris Lee & Co. have created some of the world’s finest contemporary violins, violas, and cellos. Our current offerings include the work of such master makers as Gary Garavaglia, Vanna So, Mietek Rusnak, Stanley Kiernoziak, and Jacek Zadlo. These instruments combine brilliance and power with a varied and nuanced tonal palette, making  them a fine choice for both solo and ensemble playing, and placing them among today's most highly prized and sought after professional instruments.

Antique Instruments


An acknowledged expert in the evaluation, identification, and appraisal of fine stringed instruments, William Harris Lee III has earned the respect and trust of players, teachers, and colleagues around the world. Those who are looking to purchase a fine instrument for performance or investment know that Bill Lee will be generous with his time and knowledge, give an honest opinion, and offer a fair price. As Bill is always on the lookout for new instruments to offer our customers, our selection of antique instruments and bows is constantly changing. Please contact Bill or one of our sales representatives to discuss your specific needs, or to find out more about our current offerings.