Carbon Fiber Violin Bows

  • Synthesis Carbon Fiber Violin Bow
    Price: $149.00
  • Vivace Hybrid Carbon Fiber Violin Bow with Woodgrain
    Price: $345.00
  • CodaBow Prodigy Violin Bow
    CodaBow Prodigy Violin Bow
    The shared vision of innovative bow makers and professional teachers, the PRODIGY finally offers exceptional students an elevating and supportive design. With a clear, strong, even sound, it is built to provide on-string forgiveness and comfort while enhancing the student’s natural and developing capabilities. The bow will reinforce a young artist’s confidence in their performance. DETAILS AND FEATURES • 5-Year WARRANTY • Tone Color: Even, Clear • Touch: Steady, Firm SPECS • Dynamic Balance: Center-Tip • Weight: Medium-Light • Action: Firm • Stiffness: Stiff
    Price: $365.00
  • CodaBow Diamond NX Violin Bow
    CodaBow Diamond NX Violin Bow
    Inheriting the same traditional design as the professional models of the Diamond Collection, the CodaBow DIAMOND NX delivers an uncomplicated, sweet tone emphasizing the fundamental of the pitch. The stronger, firmer stick and increased weight allows advancing students more stability and accommodation while developing their technique. Though less nuanced in sound and feel, it offers consistency and control across a wide platform of technique. With a clear tone and supportive design, the CodaBow DIAMOND NX is ideal for pre-professionals, amateurs, and students. DETAILS AND FEATURES • 10-Year WARRANTY • Tone Color: Clear, Sustained • Touch: Strong, Firm SPECS • Dynamic Balance: Center-Tip • Weight: Medium • Action: Moderate-Firm • Stiffness: Medium-Stiff
    Price: $455.00
  • CodaBow Diamond SX Violin Bow
    CodaBow Diamond SX Violin Bow
    While preserving the appeal of classic design, the CodaBow DIAMOND SX offers a more focused, brighter tone. A subtle frog-ward shift of the balance point and engineered facility delivers a livelier bow often desired by professionals. Its modern, sleek black finish hints at its underlying control, and its focused timbre is perfect for cutting through the soundwall at outdoor or acoustically-challenged venues. The CodaBow DIAMOND SX is built for the travelling or gigging musician wanting durability without compromising professional performance. DETAILS AND FEATURES • 10-Year WARRANTY • Tone Color: Bright, Projecting • Touch: Lively, Responsive SPECS • Dynamic Balance: Center • Weight: Medium • Action: Moderate • Stiffness: Medium
    Price: $655.00
  • CodaBow Diamond GX Violin Bow
    CodaBow Diamond GX Violin Bow
    A stunning tribute to history’s great performance bows, the CodaBow DIAMOND GX delights with a tone both warm and robust. Its sophisticated Acoustic Core, traditional weight and balance, and high response delivers a professional, expressive bow sensitive to the subtle commands of the hand. It facilitates a wide variety of techniques, playing quick, articulated strokes as effortlessly as even, resonant long tones. The GX blends naturally in ensembles or projects richly for soloists. Unrivaled in its class, the CodaBow Diamond GX is the clear favorite of professionals of all genres worldwide. DETAILS AND FEATURES • Lifetime WARRANTY • Kevlar Acoustic Core • Sterling Silver Fittings • Tone Color: Warm, Rich, Complex • Touch: Responsive, Strong SPECS • Dynamic Balance: Center-Frog • Weight: Medium • Action: Moderate-Supple • Stiffness: Medium
    Price: $895.00
  • CodaBow Marquise GS Violin Bow
    CodaBow Marquise GS Violin Bow
    Inspired by centuries of tradition and decades of fine bow making experience, the CodaBow MARQUISE GS is the Gold Standard of master bows. Designed by the leaders of advanced bowmaking, the GS delivers exquisite handling and expressive sound once reserved only for the finest master bows. Uni-directional carbon fiber extends continuously from button to tip for heightened response and sensitivity. Expertly blended advanced and organic fibers offer a tonal vibrancy and resonance unprecedented by any other carbon fiber bow. Supple in the hand and vibrant to the ear, the CodaBow MARQUISE GS appeals to professional players more than any other. DETAILS AND FEATURES • Lifetime WARRANTY • In-Touch™ Technology • Organic-Fiber Acoustic Core • Tone Color: Vibrant, Rich, Expressive • Touch: Sensitive, Supple, Strong SPECS • Dynamic Balance: Center-Frog • Weight: Medium-Heavy • Action: Supple • Stiffness: Medium-Soft
    Price: $1,295.00
  • CodaBow Joule Violin Bow
    CodaBow Joule Violin Bow
    Bold and brilliant, the CodaBow JOULE boasts a powerful resonance on the bottom strings and strong projection across all ranges. Unattainable with traditional materials, the innovative design of the shaft adds more mass to critical performance areas while preserving a balanced weight and comfortable flexibility. This unique design allows the bow to grab the string and speak effortlessly whether playing deep whole tones or percussive chops. Particularly well-suited to extended-range and electric instruments, the CodaBow JOULE is the strong favorite for all high-octane performances. DETAILS AND FEATURES • 10-Year WARRANTY • Turbo Frog Design • Tone Color: Brilliant, Powerful • Touch: Strong, Flexible SPECS • Dynamic Balance: Center-Tip • Weight: Medium-Heavy • Action: Moderate • Stiffness: Medium-Stiff
    Price: $765.00
  • Revelle Rook Violin Bow
    Price: $84.00
  • Revelle Raven Violin Bow
    Price: $152.00
  • Revelle Phoenix Violin Bow
    Price: $318.00
  • Revelle Falcon violin bow
    Price: $551.00