William Harris Lee Workshop

Since our founding, William Harris Lee & Company has become the leading workshop in the tradition of the great violin houses which combines European craft and American ingenuity. Carefully sourced materials arrive at our workshop and are formed using proprietary methods to make uniquely crafted instruments. Our team members come from seven countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America as well as ten states in the Continental United States. Together we are artists in violin making and restoration as well as musicians and music educators.

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Teachers' Preferred Choice!

Premium Rentals

Our uncompromising standards assure that EVERY instrument responds easily and evenly, with a full and resonant tone.

Our luthiers set up every violin, viola, cello and bass using the same uncompromising standards to which we set up our professional instruments.

Outfits include premium quality cases and professional Thomastik-Infeld strings.

When you are done renting, your rental equity goes towards the purchase of a brand new William Harris Lee instrument!

Premium Rentals